Make money online without investment in India

Earn money online without investment in India

Make money online without investment in India

Are you ready for making money online in 2021?

Making money online is becoming more and more famous. Whether you want to make extra money every month or you are hoping to change your full-time income, there are unemployment opportunities to make online money. No matter where you live, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can online money online and get started.

Make Money Online?

The best way to make money online in 2019 is that it is effective for the past five years. You earn money from answering the survey, selling ad space, writing blogs, watching videos, watching videos, registering websites, shopping, playing games, talking to friends, and so on. You, learn the market and set up a business. And there will be trials and mistakes because you describe things. If you get the right things, you can make anywhere between $ 500 and $ 50,000 per month.
Remember that you can not get money tonight. This is going to take a little bit of time, and you have to have a lot of patience. Patience is of key importance to online income.

To get you started, we'll show up in a few top ways to make money online in this article. Let's begin.

#1.Create a Blog

Blogging is always the best source of income. It will not get you fast enough, but it can create a constant income over time. All you have to do is make a blog with high-quality content.

How to Create a blog

Buy a domain name and web hosting plan.

Install WordPress via cPanel (most web hosting comes with it, do not worry about it)Then, find a topic to write.

You can write on any blog on any topic - Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle, Beauty, Love, Film, Music, Romance, Sports, etc. Besides this, such as various blog submission websites WordPress - Wikipedia .org,,,, and

You should also know how to properly market your content and make sure the content reaches your target audience. Or else, things will not work. For this purpose, you need some knowledge of SEO and social media marketing.

You also make money for your blog advertising. You have many options to make money, for example, Google Adsense, Infolinks, etc. These companies pay for your ads and click for ads on your blog or website.

Make Money Online with Blogger

The best thing is that you will need a lot of investment to start a blog (acquiring a domain name and web hosting) and create a permanent income. Thousands of dollars bloggers can easily create hundreds of dollars every month when it is right.

Blogging is something that requires patience, stability, and discipline. You might probably mean writing more than a year, you might actually start seeing any money from it. Do not expect to make the first one month (often a few months). It looks like it's very common that you have to make your blog, brand, and your power before spending any or two years.

#2.Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a great business model where you pay for other people's products or services to pay.

This is the process through which you refer to your partners' products. If you refer to people, you will get the commission after these products will end.

Affiliate Marketing is an alternative to Google AdSense, Marketing, and Advertising Network. This online business can be worked by everyone. Only you need to create blogs and get information about the best advertising network like Email Flights or Quality.

To start affiliate marketing, follow these steps.

Visit any eCommerce website.

Create your account.

Choose the products you want to promote.

Get the link attached to this product.

The customer is required to pay you a course through your transaction course.

In this way, you can earn a large amount of revenue by earning commissions on each sale.

Remember that you need to get organic traffic because no traffic will be sold if you do not receive traffic on your affiliate link. You must mainly have a mailing list below. Check out and find the most relevant sites like to find all the different products to find that you can sell together.


The biggest way to make online money is also freelancing. In order to make money freely, you need to be talented or skilled, in which you can provide services to others.

Freelancer: A person who works as a writer, designer, actor, or work, service or sale, work, or service, rather than working on a regular basis for a job.

There are lots of tasks you can freely write, articles on web design. Many freelance jobs are online jobs, so choose some of them and earn money by fulfilling the assigned tasks.

The current market now requires many independent players because they are affordable and easy to find. If you want to make money freely, make sure you're pricing it correctly (there are not too many contradictions and the price is not too high), in the right-free lens platform Join and get faster to complete the job.

Check out the free sites and see different skills people are working on on the internet. Some of the best websites are Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork to start with Freelancing. The top No.1 Freelancing Site Worldwide is Fiverr.


#4.Freelancing Writing

Almost all websites depend on content to sell their products or to get visitors to their websites. Someone needs to write this content - why not? 

If you are a good writer, you can write and pay for some quality articles. Many blogs/websites write their guest articles to their guests. Freelance writers can also use $ 25 per article (or less) per $ 300 per art. If You are a Professional Article Writer and want some Extra income You must for fast Earning.

 #5.Create a Youtube Channel

Build a YouTube channel and find some people with an interest in it. Creating suspicious videos and posting them to YouTube can make you generous revenue, depending on the video how well these videos have been received. You will get paid by linking your channel to an AdSense account.

Upload video continuously and believe in the description of the content described in your video description. Make sure your videos are of good quality and contain good content that will enjoy your audience. You can also share videos on social media or add them to promote these ideas on your blog/website. More idea means more revenue for you. Monetate to allow YouTube to add ads to your videos. Payment to you (when you click on an ad) is distributed (you are distributed with Google) 

It's definitely a long-term strategy, and you will not get rich throughout the night. Keep in mind that before that it will require investment before that.

It is estimated that 4 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube. In short, there is a huge opportunity, and this expansion continues. At the top "YouTubers" are already millions every year.

#6.Email Marketing

You are called an "Email List" which can sell products on something. This means that you ask for a list that you have collected from people who are interested in buying any kind of product or service.
When you try to market people with a blue-out email, you will not succeed. But, if those e-mail users are active and I'm interested in what you want to say, and they sign up directly through your blog or site, your success rate will be too high.

Email marketing is at the heart of every successful effort on the web. Successfully e-mailed successful e-commerce businesses using email marketing to inform and present their products and services to their existing customers.

#7. Make money From Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a good source of revenue if you write books related to any topic.

You can write these books and upload an Amazon Kindle website. When users buy your e-book, you will receive rewards for your writing. Usually, you will get 35% of your book price. But if you register for unlimited Kindle, you will get 70% of the books as a Royalty.
Therefore, you need to write books with good content, good pricing, and good promotion. You will earn a lot of money by promoting the book.

#8.Earn Money By Stock Market Trading

Stock and Forex Trading is the fastest way to earn online money. Currently, starting trading and can open a demo account to generate a beautiful income online. FNO trading and interviews can make you richer than any other online money.

But if you ask me to leave daily trading on the stock market, I only tell you one phrase "Greedy is more beneficial, it's planning to lose everything."

First of all, I got some information on stock trading, making a profit every day. But when I felt my mistake in some way, I now become an event trader and leave the interview trading.

#9.Earn Money By Online Teaching

There are many websites that help school students to solve academic issues and teach their ideas.

These websites usually require tutors who can devote their time to resolve problems and clear student complaints. Some trusted websites such as,,, etc.

Joining these websites usually, take a test on the topics you want to teach and sets you as an online tutor. Through this, a lot of money can be obtained through the education of students. Usually, we can get $ 0.5 for each question successfully cleaned.

#10.Earn Money from Apps

There are many applications available for Android, which encourage users to download and register for applications. Evaluation differs from the app in the app.

Some apps allow money to move to Paytm or any other wallet. Some apps only allow your mobile number to be charged again. Some apps are Ladoo, Pokkt Money, Taskbucks, etc. The amount of money varies from the app, you earn about 30 rupees per day through this method.

#11 Earn Money From Online Survey

The survey is a great source of income. Usually, large companies are interested in reviews of their products and services so that they can be improved.

These companies provide money to fill up survey and surveys with many survey websites. These survey companies encourage users who fill their survey.

By registering around 5-10 survey websites, we can easily get 1000 rupees per month. Survey companies generally provide points to complete the survey and depend on survey websites' sites. We can get points for e-commerce website gift vouchers or PayPal or PM accounts.

Web sites make good payments GlobalTmarket, IndiaSpeaks,, Zippyopinion, etc.

#12. Earn Money Online By URL Shortner

You can also Shorten the link to your website URL or any different sharing link. Yes, it's true that we've reviewed the most accurate URL tool. According to me, now the best fortune site is short.

This URL is a short service, such as However, in this service, you will get money in each click on URL that you were less.

You can Short any links or not, it's a YouTube video link or link to a Facebook post.

First of all, sign up for and then log in. After logging, reduce your URL option and read your URLs, and share it as far as possible.

#13.Earn Money By Selling eBooks

What are the e-book ebooks an electronic version of any book or note that people can read on their mobile phone or computer? People today buy and sell e-books in today's era.

It's straight to publish an e-book on the Internet, but it's complicated to write.

People think that as Ebooks book sells, it's not, even if someone wants to sell it cheaply. Your writing method should be best to write the e-book.

#14.Become a Freelancer

If you are a good programmer, designer, or  Social Media marketer, you can find many jobs. You just need to be patient and ready to know more.

You need to get two skills to become a good freelancer. One is your core skills, and the other skill is marketing. If you are not a good marketer, ask an experienced marketer to help you create your profile. You will have the best communication skills to get customers. Fiverr is a good no 1 Option for Freelancer

#15. Buy and Sell Domain Names

The domain name is only a website address (for example. '').

You can register all domains for a low price of $ 10 and park the domain on any host platform like Godaddy or HostGator.

Find the right one and demand the domain at a higher price than the price you've purchased.

There is nothing to lose here, the investment of small money will double you, triple-time revenue, or even more.

One of the best-suggested ways to make online money is because you sell a parking domain online when you can make quick cash.

You can list them for sale on sites at,, etc. to sell them instantly.

#16. Sell Your Photos

You earn money by selling your photos online. At this time, many companies buy your photos and give you good money. I write some company names, you can go and see them there.




#17.Create Your Own Website

The website is one of the best ways to share your knowledge in the world and you earn money online by putting ads on your website.

At that time, many companies make the website free without knowledge. So, we have some examples of hosting companies with a free subdomain and hosting.

#18.Create Your Own Android Apps

If you have some coding knowledge, you can get Android Studio through the Android app by creating and applying the Admob ad. If you do not have coding, you can also create an Android app with some websites




#19.Earn Money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising networks in the world where you earn money on advertising services on your websites and videos. Adsense is the best advertising network for any website (i.e., technology, cooking, songs, etc.)

If you have a website or a YouTube channel, you will sign up for AdSense

Now you sign up with your Google Accounts and connect to your website and start earning it.


 Become a Freelancer, Freelancing is the best way to work in big and small companies where you can work for those  Companies If you are a freelance expert, you earn $ 100 $500 a month, but you need to focus on your work if you are early. You may get a small amount of time in the rotating time.

Top 5 Freelancing Sites

#21.Digital Media Marketing

"Digital Media" is the most well-known word in the world of online marketing. Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People marketing, social media marketing, Pay per click (PPC), affiliate marketing, local advertising, marketing missions, email marketing, online PR, etc. Everyone is saying that they are digital media experts. The person who accesses the Internet can easily maintain and manage the digital media work of their customers. This is the most popular way to earn money for a non-technical person.

#22.Content Writing

The content is king. "A person whose expertise can make content with good written skills in any domain for his customers. This is one of the top levels of work demanded in the current online world. Everyone needs an author. For SEO and Google, search content is the most important contribution. People make money per word.


Now one-day blogging is the most common word in online earnings. If you are writing to write, you can create blogs and start promoting them. First, make a word press website and buy cheap hosting according to your budget limit, and connect with all your social media platforms from the website. Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing Blogging is the best way to earn money, but the patient should have and continue with their passion for at least 1 year without concentrating on the mini part. You earn millions of money through blogging, but it requires patience.


Fiverr is a popular free website that helps you make money using your skills in a specific field.

Using your knowledge is the cheapest and easiest way to make money. Here you serve or work that often refers to Gigs.

Because Fiverr is well-known for these marketing strategies, what is "what's up for people $ 5?".

There are many nurses in different industries who seek potential workers to work or serve for a small salary.

Like Fiverr, many people have started their own business site but have not been able for a long time. It makes the flyer, now the best site to earn online.

With your strong profile and portfolio, you can get more work from Fiverr.

How To Start Fiverr? Registration is simple and free. So first, enter an account with them and fill out the profile entirely by providing all the details of your skills.

Create some gigs where you have knowledge and skills. Create your different service and display portfolio on your profile page.

Usually, people choose from the profile page and message that you check your availability to meet your goals.

There are various types of occasions available on Fiverr

DataEntry jobs

Form fill form

Design Jobs

Write content

Web design and development

You can not make money in less than one day, because it's a bit hard job to get.

First of all, you will need to enter all the services or tasks you have to perform by listing all your skills.

The employer is usually based on your profile power and the lowest reference price.

During your initial term, just refer to starting prices from $ 5 to get maximum jobs, and do not forget to ask for employer reviews and ratings after completing it.


Like Fiverr, Freelancer is also a wide platform where employees meet suitable employees for their jobs.

freelance sites are listed as the best sites to make money online on the Internet, such as Alice, Freelancer, and People Per Hour.

Thousands of employees are looking for jobs, which can work on the lowest laborers for them.

These online money-making methods are especially suitable for college students, degree holders, who have used special skills that can be used in their specific time.

What is freedom A freelancer is a person who is a job employer and must not be for a specific employer or company?

Are jobs available? Many types of jobs such as data entry, form fill, web design, web development, content writing, and many other jobs.

How to Start Freelancer is considered to be the best job of domestic jobs and all people will get a job based on their skills and knowledge.

I have a very detailed article on the various stages of step-by-step to start working on the freedom site.

#26.Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Next world's most profitable online money-making method and the most attractive program, which is called affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? This is a performance-based compensation program where a person will get commissions by selling other Merchant Products or Services.

Basically, it is about promoting online products that are different from local retail marketing and it's really easy to start online programs.

How To Make Money? 1.) The first step is to find the best-paid email program and then you have to complete the application form to register. I recommend Amazon.

2.) After your application is approved, log in to your account dashboard and browse to sell the top-selling products or any appropriate products.

3.) Get affiliate tracking codes and paste the code into your blog pages or promote social networks, voice apps, and more.

4.) Whenever someone clicked on the ad code (maybe banner ad, text ad, or flash ad) and successfully orders, you'll get the commission.


Thank you for your valuable time to read this article, and I'm sure you have some ideas about making money online methods.

These are a few ways to prove online money. You can choose (or) each of the lists that are online or offline.
It depends entirely on your ability to gain knowledge, knowledge, and some extra income.
Finally, you need the fastest ways to make money for managing your monthly costs and your personal and family needs.

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