How to Become a Fiverr Pro Seller in 2023

How to Become a Fiverr Pro Seller in 2023 Step-By-Step Guide

How to Become a Fiverr Pro Seller

How to Successfully Apply for a Fiverr Pro

Up to the next level, the time to sell on Fiverr. We are worried about the introduction of Fiverr Pro: An online customized global market, where high-quality, verified sellers can offer their services to engage business buyers. As a buyer, it gives you access to most of the Caliber talents, at the same place and at affordable prices. As a seller, it means more business opportunities for new business channels, and Fiverr. You seem to be thinking of whether to get a pro seller? Read our guide below before submitting your application.

Categories are Available in Fiverr Pro

At this time, you can apply the Fiverr Pro in the following categories: (not final)

  • Graphic and design
  • Logo design
  • Web mobile design
  • Programming and tech
  • WordPress
  • Write and translate
  • Writing articles and blog posts
  • Proofing and editing evidence
  • Website content
  • Video and Animation
  • Whiteboard / Animated Videos
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media marketing


We will review your request, please go back to the example, and then evaluate the request. We will review your request and you will be able to get back to your new sub-categories after you begin to evaluate the requests.

Benefits of Becoming Fiverr Pro

The Fiverr Pro takes you to the next level, with the most professional environment, serious business buyers, and elite partners. We offer an issue free of cost, so you will pay each time and easily, on time. Our dedicated success managers will help you maximize platforms, and if required, Fiverr will solve problems that may be between buyer and seller.

How Does Fiverr Decide  I am Eligible to become a Pro Seller?

Fiverr business buyers want great. So we request the pro candidates to go through the examination process: We will tell you about your professional background, examples of your higher education, previous work in your portfolio, or remarkable projects that you Have created for customers outside Fiverr. Once we know you, we'll review your application form and notify you whether you are eligible to open the Pro Gig.

Can I Resubmit to the Fiverr Pro Application

Indeed. If you do not accurately present your skills, you are welcome to improve your application and resend it. If you are a Fiverr (or generally free) brand, you may already want to consider the formation of regular Fiverr Gigs to build your foundation and understand the market. Once you have received some experience, you will then be able to apply for Pro Gig that exercises your powers and shows its capabilities.

Fiverr Pro Application Details

When it comes time to go, take your time to complete the application with accurate and detailed information. Use free text fields to your own advantage and do not be ashamed of promoting yourself. Add information about yourself, your business, and/or your studio. Are your employees Talk about your different skills and help you complete your plans.
And just do not tell us about your skills - show us! Share links to different items in your portfolio for both the forward and external clients. Exhibit and associate with your most professional business customers so that the result can be seen alive and in use.

Do you prove social? Do not worry, it does not require you to be impressed or join a social level to join the Pro. However, this information is very helpful in verifying your identity and will accelerate the process.
Finally, please describe your creative process in detail. If you use specific software to create your work, share it so that we can better understand your workflow and the buyer can expect you to buy a Gig from you.

Is the Gig Ordering process different on  

Do not worry, Fiverr Pro offers the same frictionless, one-click process so that you can focus on providing potential services.

How do Buyers know I am a Pro Seller?

A seller who meets the Fiverr Pro quality will be able to open a Pro Gig. Each Pro Gige is labeled with a Pro Badge so that buyers know they're getting the best. In addition, buyers will have the option to find specifically for Pro Gigs.

Is there a membership fee

Being a Pro seller does not want to pay a subscription fee. However, the Fiverr Pro orders charge the standard Fiverr commission from the Fiverr sellers.

If I am already a Fiverr Seller

Whether you have been a long-term Fiverr specialist or are just open for your first Gig-Applicant for Fiverr Pro to open it. A seller can offer both Pro and Regular Gig, so you do not worry about your current gigs. Already have a seller selling seed? No problem!  Pro does not delete or terminate your current level.

Can I able to Exchange my old Fiverr Gig for Fiverr Pro Gigs

no. Your pro offer is different (and more complete) than your current gig offer. Fiverr Pro is a new initiative within the market, and everyone starts from one place. If you choose, you can still offer your nonpro gig to buyers, you need to make sure your offer is different to avoid purchasing confusion.

How Do I Apply 

As noted, Fiverr Pro is open for everyone who has applied for Fiverr Pro Fitters as well as those who are long-term sellers. You can find our application page and requirements right

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