Best Google Adsense alternatives in Pakistan for Blogger 2023

 Best Google Adsense alternatives in Pakistan for Blogger


Best Google Adsense alternatives

When it comes to monetizing online blogging, Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your blog website. It's not just a great way, it's a popular way. But getting approved can sometimes be difficult. And the most painful ban is imposed. If you have been denied approval or are banned and you are looking for other sources, we are listing the best Google AdSense alternatives for your blog. We will keep updating this list as much as possible. These Google Adsense alternatives also pay a good amount and instantly approve your blog website.No no minimum traffic requirements for the approval process. Some of the Most Popular Google Adsense alternatives are as follows.

Google Adsense Alternatives in Pakistan

2.Propeller Ads

3. Adsterra


5. PopAds

Google AdSense alternatives for blogger

Now we Discuss them in Details Google Adsense alternatives is the second-largest advertising network for bloggers is a contextual advertising network by Yahoo! And bang. When two internet companies like Yahoo! And since Bing is behind a project, you should know that it's huge. is widely regarded as the best alternative to Google AdSense and this is very true. Their ad types are very similar to Google AdSense. is the second-largest contextual network in terms of revenue. They give power to Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Advertising Program. Another great advantage of is that they have a large team that is very supportive of publishers.

It takes 2 business days for your account to be approved. The minimum payment for is $100. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account via PayPal or bank wire.

But the downside of is that it focuses more on US traffic and other high-profile countries. To get approval and make money, you need to get good traffic from the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries like the USA and advanced countries.

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Propeller Ads:

If we talk about Instant approval for a blog website then Propeller ads are our first choice. Propeller Ads is one of the largest and best advertising networks in the world. Their technology and innovation are amazing! I mean, they invent new technologies almost every day.

With Propeller Ads, you have a great alternative to AdSense. They give you many benefits that other ad networks don't have. You can monetize your traffic even if users have ads!

There are examples where you can make more money from AdSense than propeller ads. If most of your users are using mobile then you have a reason to be happy, the performers for their mobile are good. They also have pop ads.

They are available for every country from Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and any country. You can monetize and monetize traffic from every country.

Their minimum payment is $25! With Google AdSense, it happens every month, but with propeller ads, it happens every week! They have text ads, display ads, pop ads, and many other formats. You can receive your payment via PayPal, Bank Wire, Skrill, and many more options! You can also choose to receive dollars 

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Adsterra is a good ad network. They focus more on CPM.  They have different kinds of ad formats from banners to pop ads, push ads, and many more.

They pay regularly and you can receive your payment via bank wire, Bitcoin, Paypal, Web Money, and many other options If your website is small and have only a few numbers of traffic then the Adstera ads network is best for you.

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Another famous ad network is Infolinks 

Infolinks is a big monetization network that you can use to make money online from your blog website. Over 200, 000 publishers in about 128 countries use Infolinks to make money online from their blog websites. That should tell you how big and massive they are. They have native ads, contextual ads, display ads, and even video ads to help you make money online.

They are trusted and used by big brands like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and more. Infolinks pays in a 45 days circle. You can request payment once you reach $50. They pay via Paypal, check, and Bank wire to American publishers. But if you are In  Pakistan Nigeria, India, African countries, and others, you can receive your money via Payoneer.

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PopAds is a high-performance ad network that focuses primarily on Pop Unders. You know the ads that pop up when you click or when you leave the website. That's the focus, and as you know, those ads change a lot. They focus on all countries, so you can make money from Pope Aids no matter where you are.

One of the great things about Pop Aids is that they pay daily. You can withdraw your money every day. But the minimum payment is $5. You can receive your payment via PayPal, AlertPay, and Bank Wire. They have good customer support. You can contact them 24/7 by email. The main advantage of this ad network payment threshold is just $5 for new bloggers popads is the best ad network forever.

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We have discussed the above best Google Adsense alternatives for blog websites choose one of them which is the best fit for your website and must share the experience with a selected ad network. If you have more popular Google Adsense alternatives share them with us.

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