12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins List of Free and Paid Plugin 2023

 12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2021 List of Paid and Free SEO Plugins


Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2021 

12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins List of Free and Paid Plugin Many people asked what are the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools we should use to rank our website in 2021.

This is because search engines are a major source of traffic for most websites on the Internet. Improving your own website for search engines helps you rank higher in search results and grow your business significantly.

In this article, we will share the best WordPress Search Engine Optimization SEO plugins and tools you can use. Some of these tools offer similar benefits, so we'll highlight which ones are best for specific uses.

Here is a list of SEO Plugin that most people used to rank a website

1. Google Search Console

2. All-in-One SEO for WordPress


4. Yoast SEO

5. Ahrefs

6. Google Keyword Planner


8. Rank Math

9. Schema Pro

10. Redirection



Now we Discuss Them in the Detail Best SEO plugin

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google that helps website owners monitor and maintain their site's presence in Google's search results.

This alerts you when Google is unable to crawl and list the pages on your site. You also get useful tips on how to fix these crawl errors.

Most importantly, it shows what keywords your website is ranking, anchor texts, average positions, impressions, and more. You can use this statistic to find keywords where you can easily improve your content and rank higher. You can also use this keyword data with new blog post ideas

All-in-One SEO for WordPress

All-in-One SEO for WordPress is the best WordPress SEO plugin in the market. Used by over 2+ million users, it is the most comprehensive SEO toolkit that helps you improve search rankings without having to learn any complex SEO jargon.

It comes with an easy setup wizard that helps you choose the best SEO settings for your website. 

All-in-One SEO list includes a smart meta tag generator where you can use dynamic values ?? (current year, month, day, custom fields, author information, and more) in your SEO title and description. This means you don't have to update a post just to change the SEO title.


SEMRush is the best overall SEO tool in the market. Used by SEO professionals, marketers, bloggers, and all kinds of businesses, it provides a comprehensive set of tools to increase your traffic.

You can use it to find organic keywords and search terms for which you can easily rank. It also provides you to do the best research and see which keywords your competitors rank for and how you can beat them.

The SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant tool will help you improve the content of your website so that it can be in the top 10 results for your focused Word. It integrates with WordPress and will help you write more SEO-friendly content.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to optimize your own WordPress website for search engines.

It lets you easily add SEO titles and descriptions to all the posts and pages on your website. You can also use OpenGraph to include metadata and social media images in your articles.

Yoast SEO automatically generates XML sitemaps for your site's content, making it easier for search engines to crawl your site. It also helps you to easily import your SEO data if you are using another SEO plugin.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool for marketers, bloggers, and businesses. It is a popular alternative to SEMRush and offers many tools and features.

It allows you to do keyword research, competition analysis, backlink research, keyword ranking monitoring, and much more.

It also offers a detailed content analysis tool that helps you improve your content by targeting specific keywords.

While a great feature is an overlap, the characters that work really well are backlink analysis. We can use it to determine which sites are linked to multiple competitors, but not us. This helps us get more backlinks and increase engagement.

But Ahrefs tools is a paid tool not free.

Google Keyword Planner

Google's Keyword Planner tool helps you generate your own keyword ideas from Google.

No one on the planet has much insight into what people are searching for compared to Google. This free tool is offered free to Google advertisers and anyone can use it.

This helps advertisers choose the right keywords by showing estimates of search volume, number of results, and difficulty level.

As an engagement marketer or blogger, you can use this statistic to find keywords with high statistics, high advertiser interest, and more importantly where you can easily increase the number of all other sites. 


SEOPress is a  simple but strong WordPress SEO plugin. It includes all the features you'd expect from an SEO plugin such as meta titles, descriptions, open graph support, image and content XML sitemaps, redirects, and more.

It comes with a simple setup for beginners and advanced controls for experienced users. It is comparable to other advanced WordPress SEO plugins in terms of features and options in the market

Rank Math

Rank Math is the most popular and user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to speed up your website for search engines and social media. It comes with a setup wizard and allows you to import data from other SEO plugins during setup.

You can use it to easily add meta titles, descriptions, and open graph metadata to your blog posts. The plugin also allows you to create XML sitemaps, link to the Google Search Console, and control access to plugin features based on user role.

Schema Pro

Schema Pro allows you to add rich pieces to your website which makes it stand out in search results.

Rich Snippets allow you to make your website stand out in search results by showing star ratings under review, prices below a product, images or videos in detail, and so on.

Schema Pro lets you map and use plugin data in Schema Pro fields with your existing WordPress SEO plugin.


Redirects help you set up SEO-friendly redirects in WordPress. This is the easiest plugin in WordPress which helps in resolving 404 errors easily by setting redirects in WordPress. If you have been running a blog for some time, you should periodically check your site for broken links and fix them.

There are several ways to easily find broken links in WordPress. Once you find a broken link, you may need to correct it by pointing users to the right link or removing the wrong link.


Keyword Tool. io is one of the unique free keyword research tools. It lets you generate keyword ideas by typing a keyword. These keyword suggestions are collected from Google's automation feature. It also shows you keyword suggestions from Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and more.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2021 List of Paid and Free

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