Back link Checker Tools 2023 (Free and Paid)

Backlink Checker Tools 2019 (Free & Paid)

Backlink Checker Tools 2019 (Free & Paid)

 Backlink Check Overview

Backlink Checker tools, there are many that cost a lot of money, while the others are free. Today we show which backlink checkers are available and what the free backlink checker tools are. If you think that we have forgotten a tool or have questions, you are welcome to leave a comment.

Webmasters do not always have to reach for sound backlink analysis. This article presents the currently five best SEO backlink checker tools.


Top best backlink checker tool Majestic has the largest link database in the world. This backlink checker is especially useful if you want to find out how websites are linked to each other. For this, you get a lot of information and vivid graphics. With Site Explorer, you can process and crawl individual domains. 

It shows you the referring domains, the anchor text, and which backlinks are available. In addition to many other functions, it also indicates which links have been added and which ones have been lost. Also, a subdivision of topics is possible.


Ahrefs not only offers the Backlink Checker but also many other analysis options. The analysis is based on a database with approximately 240 million search terms. Ahrefs already monitors the index of search results for 100 countries around the world. 

According to Ahrefs, 6 billion websites are searched daily, 12 billion links found, 200 million root domains, and three trillion URLs. That's what I call a high capacity. Unfortunately, Ahrefs is a paid tool but now they are offering to check website backlinks free of cost.


The most Famous backlink checker tool MOZ is very clearly arranged. Once you have entered the desired analysis URL, you will find information about domain authority, spam value, and link count. In the table, you get information about the backlinks, the anchor text, the spam value, the page authority of the link, and also the domain authority. 

These values ​​are only available for five links, for more information you have to be a customer. If you want to see more, you can try the site for free for 30 days.


The very most famous backlink checker tool CognitiveSEO has a lot of strong references to offer. CognitiveSEO offers a lot more features that go way beyond checking backlinks. Especially in the search for unnatural links, CognitiveSEO can be of great help. You can have them displayed in a list and, if necessary, put them directly into the Google Disavow directory and have them validated.

The detailed and well-constructed graphics are always well-received by the customer. The data that CognitiveSEO provides for link building is very detailed, especially in competitor analysis. Especially if you want to find out which links went with which changes of a website, detailed graphics will help you to find out if possible. Disclosing the competitor's link strategy can have a lot of competitive advantages. This makes it much easier to find potential link destinations. Also, an e-mail alarm is adjustable, which keeps you up to date.


Backlink checker tools  The  Semrush is the best backlink checker tool that you can also carry out extensive backlink analyses. Of course, you get to the first step, which links all lead to one page. Also, Semrush evaluates the incoming links and displays the anchor text. Semrush also checks whether the links come from the websites of an agency or educational institution, which can be an indication of quality.
Of course, the tool still offers a wealth of other possibilities for evaluation. With registration, you can test it. The following information is also interesting:
Follow / No-Follow

Find relevant websites

Link origin (picture, form, frame, or text)

Geolocations (indicates which country the domains come from)

IP addresses
Semrush claims to have over 160 billion links in the database - quite a bit.

Free and Paid Back Link Checker Tools


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