Backlink Checker tools Free & Paid

 Backlink Checker tools Free & Paid

Free Backlink Checker tools

Free Backlink Checker tools

What is Backlinks?

The backlink is a linked site that matches other websites. BackLinks Search engine results make a huge impact on the promotion of a website. That's why he is considered to be very useful to improve the SEO rating of the website. The ranking of the search engine is ranked using multiple factors to show search results. Nobody knows how much the search engines get for the backlinks in the list of results, however, what we know is that they are very important.

 Backlinks should be natural, meaning that the website should not use artificial methods to make backlinks for your websites. Links are more important than the number of links.

Why Backlinks are important?

Free Backlink Checker Tools Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent "Voting Votes" from one site to another.

In essence, backlinks on your site are a signal to find engines for your content. If many sites are linked to the same web page or website, the search engine can estimate that the content is capable of connecting, and therefore it is also capable of surfing a certificate. Therefore, these backlinks can have a positive impact on site rating status or search exposure.

Top 14 Free Backlinks Checker tools




 Ahrefs is the very best and famous Backlink Checker tool. The Free Version is also available You can check sites backlinks just in one Click.


#2.SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools is totally free of cost Backlink Tool. You can check your site backlinks and other links free of cost.




LinkMiner is the very best and easy-to-use famous tool.



SEMrush is another famous Backlink Checker tool.


#5.Small Seo Tools

SmallSeoTools Another very famous and totally free Backlink checker tools are


BuzzSumo is another very popular Backlinks checker analysis tool.

#7.Majestic SEO

#8.Backlink Watch


#10.Moz Link Explorer


#12.Neil Patel

#13.Monitor backlinks

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Free backlink checker tools 

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