8 Simple Steps to Get First Order on Fiverr in 2023

8 Simple Steps to Get First Order on Fiverr

8 Simple Steps to Get First Order on Fiverr

 Get your First Order on Fiverr

When most people started working on Fiverr, their question is how they get their first order on Fiverr because there is competition when many sellers offer only one gig. There are many ways to get your order on Fiverr. Here are some simple steps to get the first order on Fiverr.

Getting an order is not very difficult but initially, you have to keep in mind that every new buyer wants to get your service satisfied so you get more time after getting the order and take a positive review. Your sales start.

Finding the right service to Offer

Get First Order on Fiverr Spend some time to find out what's popular on Fiverr and find the best place you're comfortable with. Typically design work and content writing are really Famous. But find out what you are doing. For example, if you are not good with design, do not choose to present this service although it's popular.

The thumb rule is that since the cost of $ 5 $ is being started on every Gig on  Fiverr, it should not take more than 15 minutes to complete a gig.

The best time to post your gig

Fiverr provides an opportunity for a new seller to some visibilities and for most types of "new seller" sections. So the first time, you post your gig, you will log in there for a few hours or days. This will be the best shot to get your first customer.
In mind, think about when the buyer needs your service. For example, if your target customers are corporate (such as copyright, web analytics, etc.), then you have the best way to post your gig a week. Similarly, if your target customers have users who might want photo drawings, then it might be a better time for the weekend.

Choose the correct picture and copy for your Gig

Contrary to Facebook, your image's image has no restrictions on the text. Go ahead and be creative. Add a bold eye-catcher that assists you to sell the service. Think about how you can be different from thousands of other rivals there. Show some of your previous tasks to be more reliable to buyers.

Many set-up sellers on Fiverr do not offer a default gig on the timeline for 24-hour delivery. Most often takes a maximum of day by default. If you want to accelerate the delivery, you will need to make additional payments. Since you are new (and I understand that you can spend time), you can offer a 24-hour delivery period for your gig, just to start things

Make Multiple Gigs

Here's a first-hand experience I can share. I started posting only one gig on Fiverr and I did not get any response for a year. Then I recently think to revise the course and posted similar identities. Basically, you see more gigs, high possibilities. And since then it is free to keep the posts posted, there is no harm other than the time spent. (Which should be just a few minutes)

I posted 4-5 gigs, and I did not sell instantly. It took me almost 3 months to get my first sale. Before that, I inquired, but nothing happened. More gigs mirrors. Try shooting for almost 10, then differentiate detail, title, tags, etc. for maximum visibility.

Using buyer request

Fiverr buyer's Request is one of the best ways to get orders, and we can see that this is the only thing that allows non-sellers to get an order immediately.
Most new buyers ask the question that the buyer's request cannot be displayed, so the answer is that you will avoid the buyer's request in this case if you have hot gigs that are most likely to buy Asks

Providing a Good Service

When you start your service at Fiverr, you should spend some time on the service you have done better. Many sellers, when they started working in the field, did not have any idea about how they would. So when you select some time while starting the work, select the service.

The popular service most frequently used by the buyer is web designing, graphic designing, and content written, but choose what you do so well. For example, if you are not a designer designing, you choose another service that is popular

Gig Positive rating

If you have some money or with great relationships on Fiverr. You can get a positive rating and buyer's satisfaction for comments.

If you do not have a good connection in the field, create 2 accounts in the field and order your account on your account. From this point, you will lose $ 1 but you will give the buyer satisfaction.

Your first sale on Fiverr

Once you get your first order, then it should have a slight impact on the ice. The bus should sell to you immediately after the sale. My second sale came almost 3 weeks later, then I'm selling it every week now.

Usually, if you provide the Best work, the buyer will be happy to give you good ratings and positive comments. This gives you a lot of help for subsequent sales. If you do not find anyone, do not be embarrassed.

Although he did not publish on the  I believe the factors such as "Time to Answer for Answering Questions", "Time Ordering", "A large part of the rating and comments" Pay how you look.

Bonus tip  How to get your first order on Fiverr

Get First Order on Fiverr Ordering in Fiverr is not very difficult for people to think, apply only these tips to your work and see magic. I hope you enjoy all of the tips on how to get the first order in the folder. If you have any Fiverr Order questions then you would like to ask them in the comment section.

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