Top 5 Best URL Shortener Site in 2019 step By step Guide

 URL Shortener site to Earn Money Online

Top 5 Best URL Shortener Site to Earn Money Online

URL Shortener site That pays Huge money

The Internet has made our lives easier. Now it is easy to earn money that anyone can make anywhere on the Internet.

We have talked about many ways to make money on the internet, but in this article, we will talk about how to make money with URL Shortener.

You have no experience making money with URL Shorteners.

What are the URL Shorteners?

URL shirts are not new. You can learn about Google URLs and which are used to reduce URL links.

You can easily switch from a short URL to a large URL. You can not ignore URL-strength readers.

This is because you can not promote multiple links with a large URL address. So this URL URL administrator will help you overcome the URL and promote it online.

This is important because of short readers because you earn money with it.

 Make Money Online with URL Shorteners

You now earn money by reducing the URLs sitting on your computer.

URL Shorteners

First of all, you need to sign up with a company or website (below), and then you need to control the URL.

If someone clicks on your short URL, you pay. It is easy. Depending on the number of people you click on your URL link.

For example, you can $ 5 to $ 6 if you get more than 1000 visitors to click URLs.

You might probably think that this website is paying you because you get traffic to your website.

The course is a number of URLs in the world, in which you are paid cash to reduce URLs and promote links. Fair

But before I tell you how much money you can pay with this website, unfortunately, has been stuck in India for some reason.

However, I need it because it is the best URL shortcode site to make money.

For more than 1000 ideas, Adolf can pay you $ 8.00. The payment method is $ 5, and they provide you with Daily and PayPal.


Our list is the second URL shortcode LinkShrink in our list. The payment rate is different from country to country. Link shark

If you live in the United States, you get $ 4 for 1000 views, but in India only $ .85 for 1000 views.

Limit revenue is the same as $ 5 and you pay through PayPal. They pay you on the first and the 16th day of each month. 

In addition, you earn money for each refrigeration and the commission rate is 15%.

Shorte. st, $ 8.60 is paid for you people of the United States. However, you only get $ .58 for those living in India. You can see how the difference is made to you. Short

The minimum return rate is $ 5 for PayPal, $ 20 for Payoneer, and $ 5 for web money.


The above 3 websites are really popular but others are less known but still earn money. URLCash

URLcash is one of the fewer profiles. It's great for bloggers and website owners.

URLCash can pay you up to 90% of its earnings. You can make references to 35% and 13% of your preferences and what you can do. You pay via PayPal, Pizza, Paxum.


Cash Fly is also a low-risk website to earn money. Cash FlyIt pays you on two ads for Action Ads and Full Page Ads. Payment for India for Action Ad is 1.11 and $ .84 respectively for unique and raw. The full-page ad, it is respectively unique and raw for $ 34 and $ 25.


So it was reducing 5 URL websites with which you earn money. Visit their website and find out more about Payout and sign up by clicking on the link.

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