5 Best Ways to Send Money Overseas 2023

5 Best Ways to Send Money Overseas

5 Best Ways to Send Money Overseas

Best Way to Send Money Abord

Each time we all need to send money abroad The reasons vary. It may be possible to pay your child's foreign education to a fund or a family member abroad. 

Anyone who has a reason to send money to a foreign country can be complex and time-consuming.

This is due to government restrictions and foreign currency regulations that can ultimately be able to send you money.

According to the current standards, all the Institutions of Foreign Exchange Exchange (FEMA) should be announced and approved, to conduct the transmission of foreign currency transactions.

But thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to send money safely in minutes of money using the services of trusted banks and global money transport companies.

5 Ways to Send Money Abord

So if you look for a fast, secure, and reliable way to transfer money online or offline to a foreign destination, then some of the following options are shown below.

#1.Western Union

Western Union is the largest provider of global money transfers, with more than 200,000 agents spreading over 200 countries and regions around the world.

With a western union, money transfers can be done on humans, online (using their app), and on phones. Money can also be collected directly in the bank accounts of the recipients or through this person can be picked up.


If you have a PayPal account, you can easily pay your foreign seller. All of you will need their email address. Of course, they will also need to do a correct PayPal account to make payments that you send them from Any Country.

This is absolutely free to send payments using your connected credit or debit cards - when you buy abroad, a currency conversion fee may apply.


This service work Like Western Union because you can move funds anywhere in the world. You can directly transfer recipients of bank accounts, money to a mobile wallet, or take them personally. More than 300,000 ministries are taking places worldwide.


Another competition company for CurrencyFair. For quick transfers, you can get better rates than currency exchange, but if you wait for a couple of days and are moving a large amount, CurrencyFair offers the cheapest rate. However, transferWise is a large company and a global company. You can send money to most of the world's countries. This means services of North America, Europe, Australia, and other countries. 

#5.UAE Exchange

This allows UAE-based currency to exchange customers to transfer money through their online portal or app. This Swift uses an electronic transfer method, which allows you to reduce money or chances of stealing in a convenient and secure way within 48 working hours.

Customers who need to migrate abroad for the purpose of education, visa fee can choose immigration or employment purposes for the draft demand of foreign exchange, where they are abroad in the FCDD  collect and clean up all of its big currencies.


The next time you need to send an international money transfer, take a moment before your bank heading. Doing this can save you a ton of fees. You can also find the service that is faster than your bank, as soon as zoom through the pom. Always pay attention to the fees on every service charge. You should take advantage of calculators who provide each service mentioned above, to get more accurate fees and to get a total.

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