5 Ways How to Download Youtube Video on PC 2023

How to Download Youtube Video on PC

5 Ways How to Download Youtube Video on PC

What is Youtube

Download youtube videos YouTube has always been the best website to hunt ridiculous things and achieve interesting results because it provides an endless supply of the best video from an online community where all kinds of people can show their own creativity and capabilities. Yes, can upload a great show record. And events

You want to remove the YouTube video from the Internet, but there may be confusion in the sea of YouTube downloaders. If you want to be one of the Windows users and the way to work, you can refer to the article that provides you a very easy way to download YouTube videos on your computer or laptop.

Here we will also introduce you to a free YouTube downloader, YouTube downloader, PC downloader on YouTube. You can only download and try one.

Here are 5 best Ways to Download Video from Youtube

1.Download Youtube Videos Via Website

Download Youtube Video Keepvid.com is one of the most popular websites to download YouTube Videos. And the website is very easy. If you just need to open a website, then tab the URL and paste it, and then download it. But this type of website requires Java, which means you need to install Java in your browser before downloading it.

2.Download Youtube Videos With Your Browser

with Firefox
Need to be added. Click Tools on the menu bar -> Add, and download the plugin and locate and install HelloPro or NetVideoHunter, then restart your Firefox. Each time you play a video or listen to music, the download helicopter icon, while the icon of the Navy Video Hunter Factor.

Download videos by Firefox

There is no need to wait for additional video processing, however, time is limited to approximately 8 minutes for every downloaded video. In other words, a 16-minute video needs to be added extra.

3.Download video With Chrome

Chrome plugin requires a plugin. Click the window on the menu bar -> Chrome Web Store, and Ultimate YouTube User Finder.

Video download experience will be very easy after downloading it. You can download YouTube and other video sites with a click on the download button under the video. You can also choose to download an MP4 version or FLV version. Additionally, you can choose video quality (720p HD, 480p, 360p, 240p).

4.Download Youtube Video With Safari

After opening the URL, after stopping the video it starts playing for seconds, and to fill the gray growth bar in the video waiting. Then click the menu bar -> Activity, and find the line that represents your video, double click, and download will start.

Download videos You tube Video by Safari

With this method, you do not need any downloader or software, but the video process is awaiting completion.

5.Download Youtube Video MobiMover

Then MobiMover will immediately analyze URLs and download YouTube videos on your computer. When it's over, you can find the video in the selected folder on your computer and enjoy it offline.

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