How to Make Money with flipping Domain

 Make money by flipping Domain


There are many ways to make online money and one of them is Flipping domains. Flipping Domains for Business is a profitable business that anyone can learn and do.

what is flipping Domain

Domain flipping is the domain of registration or buying the business at a lower cost and they have to be re-made at a high cost for profit. Domain names can be purchased from fresh, endowed domains or third parties, but the final goal is to resume for the higher value. This is a very profitable business that anyone can. Starting price can be less or more large, dependent on individuals or organizations.

One of the advantages of domain flipping is that you can do it anywhere. You can make Nigeria, Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, or anywhere and make money domains. You can access the market worldwide. 

The domain name is just a web address. For example, is a domain name. and are all domain names.


Flipping Domain is a Profitable Business

Domain flipping is very profitable. You can register a domain for $ 10 and sell it up to $ 100, 000. If you can fortunate you can sell millions of people.

In 2015, a Chinese company bought $ 17 million. was sold for $ 49.7 million in 2010. Imagine one minute if you own this domain. How will it change your life forever?

There are many commonly known domain names that have been sold for a large amount of money. But in some expensive sales are commonly known.

How to Make Money with Flipping Domain

Follow these steps to make money flipping Domain

1. Register a new domain name

Your first step is to register a domain name that you want to flip. We recommend that you use the name or Godaddy to register your domains because it is easy to manage and they have good customer support for your help.

When you are registering a new domain name, it must have a domain name. These guys will be ready to pay good money. Do not register random domain names. This time will be lost. 

Follow Trends

Trends will help you understand what people want. When you get older, you can capture the next big ideas when you make trends. For example, imagine that Bitcoin was at its earliest stage and people listen to it, but they are blind.

You come to it and enter some valuable Bitcoin domain names, after becoming a big problem, you will get a huge amount of money.

Look at the trends and see which is new and the possibility of an explosion. You can use Google Trends like tools, Twitter hashtags, etc. so that people get interested.

Use Google Keyword Planner 

Use the keyword planner to find popular ideas. The most popular and reliable planning plan is Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword typing your ideal domain name here and viewing the search volume. It's worth it if many people search for it.

Let's say I want to register I'll go to the keyword plan, go to sleep and see how many people are looking for this keyword.

Another way the keyword planner can help you register a good domain name. Let's say I want to register a Bitcoin domain name. I know has already been taken. I must do that the keyword plan has a type of bitcoin, and it will give popular entry ideas that people belong to bacteria. It will give me an idea of a good domain name to register.

Use Easy-to-Pronounce Name 

The domain name should be that pronunciation and memorable is easy. Do not use complicated names unless you have any good reason.

Use Popular Extension

On that day, many domain names are expanding, but most marketable. Your best bet is to register a .com domain. .org and .net are also good choices. If you are registering another extension, make sure it is an advanced premium name.

Search Domain Registered

You can play around with your domain registrar to find available domain names. You can only speak solid on the gold.

2. Register Expired Domain

There are some good domains that are owned by the country and have expired somewhat. You renew it every year when you buy a domain name. If you failed to analyze, it ended by a certain period. This means that other people can register it.

It's a lot For many reasons, some valuable domains may end. Look for them, and register them for about $ 10. And if you feel good then you can cost them $ 100 or even.

When purchasing deleted domains, look for how the domain authority and page authority is good. You can find expired domains in and

3. Buy Domains From Others

This is one of the best ways to earn domains and buy domains from others. This is capital intensive.

You need to do everything in the domain market space like Flip and Sound. See the cheapest premium domain that is on sale. Bid for it and try to buy it well. You can repeat it again.

The maximum domain deals go through this circle. For example, was allegedly purchased $ 30,000 in 2005 and sold again for $ 30 million

4. Find Buyers

Once you have registered a domain, the next step is to find buyers. You need to have the importance of your domain before you buy a buyer.

This will help you with prospective buyers and get their attention. Your pitch should be included in things such as simple and brand domain names. Domain keyword number of target search queries Domain compatibility if any in a particular industry.

5. Sell Your Domain 

Once you find a buyer and agree to the price, you can sell your domain. For security purposes, it is advisable to use the Escrow service for payment. What is the service of Escrow to get money? You will be notified after receiving a payment from the buyer. Then you transfer the domain name to the buyer. And the buyer informs the buyer that he or she is the domain. Then Escrow sends you money.


There is a lot of profits while running domains, you have to know that there are risks. When you are buying a domain name that is already the owner of a famous brand, remember that it may be a trademark. There is no problem registering common names and industry names, but registration of brand names can prevent legal proceedings. Some brands can negotiate and offer some payment, while some legal actions are used

It is also known that sometimes, you may need to have a domain name for a long time. Flipping domains are a good business but do not encourage it. A good and realistic

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