How to Make Money From YouTube in 2022

How to Make Money from youtube in 2022

How to make money from youtube in 2019

 What is Youtube

Everyone wants to make money on YouTube. Talk about the fastest you get! You make a couple of videos, pop them on YouTube, and see the money roll, right?
A video is a great way to pay for your love. But, like most things in life, you will depend on the time, effort, and breakthrough in particular to make YouTube, the channel something special.
If you want to work hard to earn money on YouTube, stay around it. I am about to give you a complete step-by-step guide to YouTube's success. Let's know how you can create your audience, follow your view and get a lot of revenue on YouTube.

So here are the top steps you need to make money from youtube

1. Create a Youtube Channel
2. Create Videos
3. Upload Videos
4. Apply for Youtube Partnership
5. Promote your video
6. Make money from youtube

1. Create a Youtube Channel

Go to YouTube with your Gmail account and sign up.
Again, click the bar on the left corner except for the YouTube logo.
Great so far, now slowly click on my channels (from the dropdown menu).
You will see that a box will be displayed with light and your headline - set your channel on YouTube. Select it
And now for the last phase. Just update your channel with your related personal information - and Viva! You're going 

2. Create Videos

Initially, the easiest (and cheapest) way to create a video will be through your smartphone or your computer webcam. To be fair, it's a great choice to refresh in the early days, when you're still looking for your way around, do not make any money from YouTube (videos), and have a limited supply of cash.
However, there will be a time when you need to invest in a good webcam and when your channel starts making some money - rent a professional wider graph.

In addition to a camera, you need to enter things to make your videos-

Good microphone
Screen Recorder
Video and audio editing tools

3.Upload a video in your Youtube Channel

It's very easy, really. Just log in to YouTube and click the App (arrow) button at the upper right corner of the page, which will take you directly to the upload page.
Remember to set a privacy level before uploading your video to YouTube. You can choose from:
anyone can watch your video.
Unlisted -
Only those who have a link to your video will be able to see it.
this can be selected by you and those users to watch the video.
Scheduled -
This can only be set for your specific date and time.
Once you've chosen your level of privacy, click the bar again to select the video you want to upload.

Alternatively, you can drop and drop the file directly. You can track the uploaded video on the status bar you offer.

The video has to be processed to post this upload - whatever status can be seen in the status bar.

Useful Tip: HD Video (1920x1080 or 1280 x 720) provides a very professional message to viewers and therefore is suitable for uploading to YouTube.

Tips to write Title Tags Description

Your Tittle is away from the biggest cherry on the cake! - which is your video in this matter.

Its title is difficult and relevant to what potential viewers can find. In this case, there is a huge difference in your rankings on the search results page.

Clear and stable titles rarely get any celebration and consequently, defeat many of their goals.

TV and details are important components of your videos. Adding keywords and related details can help you get a lot of videos on Google's search results.

Once you can redirect the channel's dedicated page to access settings, audio, interpretations, closed captions, and enhancements.

It also allows you to watch video analytics or access the channel video manager. With your unique URL, your video is now ready for viewers who like, COMMENT, and/or share with others.

4.Apply for the youtube Partnership Program

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) enables video creators to make money on the content published on the channel.

This is usually through advertisements through their content and YouTube premium users who watch their videos.

You can request a Creative Studio to join your YouTube Partner Program directly from your individual account. On January 16, 2018, Google announced the new capability requirements for its YouTube Partner Program.

Once the  Youtube channel reaches 4,000 clock hours for 12 months and has at least 1,000 users, then it is reviewed to join the program.

How to apply

There are 2 possible scenarios for them.
The first channel is already available in the YPP, which can be under the new situation when the channel will automatically re-enter.

Channel owners also have the option to check their monetization status on Creator Studio / Channel / Monetization.

Whose channel is still not required to enter the YPP to understand the four steps described in its Creator Studio account? Once the channel meets the qualifying criteria, it will be reviewed to join.

5. Promote your youtube videos

So far. Here's a little difficult part here. Make sure your video does not have a "baby game" to attract the audience. It needs custom promotional strategies and very difficult work.

To get started, you first need to make sure your video is completely customizable for the updated SEO parameters.

Before using the video to upload to your landing page, make sure that you use a fair keyword within your keywords and URLs.

Once, you are now ready to listen to an audience on your audience media platform.

You can use devices like histories that are paid for pre-pre-ad (available on YouTube) and post the most appropriate time to maximize access.

You can gain access to social media influence, forums, and bloggers to get more excitement and to get a wide range of viewers.

6. Make money from Youtube

In spite of many success stories, complaints regarding YouTube monitoring and the ability to Regardlessly YouTuber continue.

Confusion between many people -

How much do YouTubers earn? And ... do you vote per youtube?

Well, if you do not have any indication about its exact income potential, there is no chance to enter any business. It is said that a magical calculator can minimize money, which can be funded by anyone through YouTube.

If you touch 1 million views through the YPP, then only you can guess how much YouTube YouTube will pay you.

Other ways to make money from Youtube

In fact, there are 5 proven ways that help you earn money from YouTube; making money more than advertising and a decent amount of additional income above it.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Big marketing agencies are ready to pay a good amount for YouTube channels with existing fans. This can be done by linking one of your videos to your video description.

For each conversion, it will get you a decent cut, which is usually US $ 100-1000.  affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to make money from YouTube.

2. Direct Promotion

In this case, the advertising company provides you with a fixed fee for your partnership with your channel.

You will have to display your product description (in your videos), which it will exit a fixed amount, which varies from US $ 5,000, depending on your channel.

3. Paid Videos

Another big way to make good money from YouTube is where you share valuable information with your viewer, by putting a price tag on this video. This way you have to manage everything from every video to manage.

4. Licensing Content

Is there a video that has just gone viral? Well, you earn money from YouTube by licensing content to other companies. Mainstream media is always visible for various/trendy videos that can be used on their various media platforms.

5. Crowd Sourcing

There are lots of non-profit websites (like Wikipedia), which shares information for free. But they need money to keep and run their sites. It generates a donation in view of the donation.

You can start the same way to raise funds too. He has to pay for some time in the past and currently is one of the effective ways to make money from YouTube.


So you have it A complete, step-by-step guide that describes how to make the entire video a video from YouTube - starting your channel to depend on your videos.

But remember, like money will not start from one day in another business - it's a marathon and is not a sprint. But given time and an effective marketing strategy, it should be for you - soon enough. good luck!

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