How to start a blog For Free Beginner Guide

How to start a blog For Free Beginner Guide

How to start a blog For Free Beginner Guide

How to Start a Blog Free

If you want to start a blog, you have come to the right place. Consider solving your problem already. Before you begin the blog, you are going to consider and make decisions. Please note that this is an initial starting point. You need to first consider it. For a complete guide, see: How to make at least the blog for less than 30 minutes

1. What are your responses to starting a blog?

The first thing to know is knowing why you want to blog. Are you for money or just for fun? If you are following a special audience, how do you want to see them after getting these blogs? Do not worry or worry, fund it! Blogging is open to everyone.

2. Have you mentioned what you are saying about this blog?

If you are 100%, at the stage, then it will be easy for you. Your blog's reasons will let you know what you want about the blog. The topic of your blog will also determine the audience who wants to pay attention to you. You can blog about your personal life, it's educational for people, you learn them. Or, you can blog about your favorite sports and activities.


Blogging is everything that you love and enjoy working, do nothing that will make you in the first week. Please do not hurry through this question. This is very important. Why is it necessary Because it can affect the success of your blog? If you choose a topic that you are very easy about and notified easily, it is possible that you have a better chance to succeed than choosing a topic that you There is no knowledge or encouragement about you.

3.A Free Blog Or Paid Blog?


Are you going to start a blog that is going to pay for you or vice versa? Yes, there are blogs that you can use for free and some of them have to pay for you. It's not because you're actually paying for the blog but you host them. It is possible to either succeed by using a free blog or paid blog. But the options and possibilities of success are with the paid blog. The good news is that you can start free with free, once you are ready to build a big audience and make money to make money, you automatically move your host (paid blog). It's easy to start a free blog, you just visit the website, enter your details and you have it. Free blogs are on the Internet, our top three chains are:,, and free blogs can not allow you to advertise them.

Paid Blog

On the other hand, the paid blogs (self-hosted), offer a specific amount of money or yearly hosting. Here's your blog, you have full control and if you want, an advertisement can be offered. You can customize it, make changes. You are in charge. In full control. Note that the paid tags are not necessarily expensive! However, there are cheap options for which you can go. It is very important for your blog to answer the 'right way to start the blog'. Our top-recommended options are BlueHost, HostGator, and InMotion hosting, we have chosen them how fast, easy and good. They have a good support team if you are in trouble and need some help. They are also very cheap and cheap!

4.Domain Name

You must register a domain name; This is exactly the name of your blog. The domain limit is about $ 6 but can reach thousands. The most popular domain name is the highest value. Anyone can always change the domain name.

ou You can use or name  services to register domain names. Sometimes you can go for cheap domain names, but they are strange names. Once you are done with this step, how to answer your blog.

5.Traffic source


When you've already started the blog, you should focus on how to get traffic to your site (by means of traffic we mean visitors). When you put something on your blog, you want them to be the first stop for everyone to find out about it. You can use your social media pages to run traffic on your site. For the paid blog, research on SEO helps you get organic traffic. You can also increase your traffic by spending on digital marketing, who want to kill you quickly.

6.Unique Content


Once you've set up your blog and are ready to go, you'll always have to update with the relevant content: Articles, Images, or Videos. Follow other blogs that focus on the same topic as you use, all the information about your location. Make sure you write about the latest information on your site

With this information, I believe you are answering 'How to Start Blog ' and you are going to go.


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