Become A Successful Blogger And Make Money

 Become A Successful Blogger And Make Money Online

How to Become A Successful Blogger And Make Money


How To Become A Successful Blogger

Blogging is about all the information. News Technology, Games, Videos, Finance, Gupta and All. If you are sharing any of this information on a blog, you are Blogger. So successful success blogger is a distributor of successful information in other words. If you want to be a blogger, it means you want to be a distributor. It is the only time when a blogger was just a boring death. Now, becoming a blogger is very profitable. Blogger is rich, powerful, and influential in our world. If you are looking for a good career, who will give you time, space, and money, you should consider becoming a blogger

But blogging has become very competitive because more and more people try to make money blogging. However, no matter how it has been completed, if you have written in the article that you can become successful burgers if you follow. Many bloggers do not follow the good ethics of blogging. They just open one blog and start blogging and nothing else. This means that if you start blogging today and follow some basic instructions, you will fly before those people.

Blogging is not very difficult when you have a plan and follow the best practice. As a reality, I started a blog, and in less than 3 months, I started making $ 150 a month and getting a lot of traffic. Of course, I have big blogs where I've created a million dollars. But no matter how I've been successful in blogging, I always follow the basic rules. I will share them with you.

First of all, if you want to make a blog, we've written a step by step-by-step that you should follow to create a blog. You can go here to read it and start your blog today: How to create a blog in less than 30 minutes

How to Become A blogger and make money

Follow these steps to become a Successful Blogger and Earn money Blogging

1. Pick The Correct Niche

 How to Become A Successful Blogger The first step to becoming a successful blogger is to choose a topic that is enthusiastic and attractive to you. This is very important.

The news blog is not open because all the blogs are blogging. If you're good and passionate about the game, open a gaming blog that focuses on the game. There is no difference that you are good there, start from there. You can do business at the bottom of the future when you have set up in the future.

When you blog about something you're good and passionate about, this content is easy to write because you know everything. The level of your motivation will also rise as you like it.
So in summary, blog about your love.

2.Select Domain Name and Hosting

 How to Become A Successful Blogger  When you're starting your WordPress or Blogger blog, we recommend you choose a good hosting company with high speed and good customer support.

The speed in blogging is very important .. no slow loading blog does not love the blog. Not Google or other search engines. A high-speed loading blog will help you at a high level. The speed starts with your host. Good customer support is also important because you are in trouble and need help.

In our guidance, we recommend hostinger, they are a very fast web hosting company with good customer support. For this blog. They are faster than good help. We have already tried the nomination and they are good. One of them is better than good help. Blue host is also popular among blogs.
Another thing that will affect your speed is the WordPress theme or blogger template that you use. You need a fast and clean theme. The theme you can use greatly affects your speed. So make sure you use Google's speed and punch devices to try any topic before purchasing.
You can find Theme Jungle for Fast Themes, MyThemeShop is also known to build fast and SEO-friendly themes.


Pay a great deal, if you want to be successful in blogging, it's very important! It is that many bloggers fail. They open a blog and start blogging and sticking to other Blogger blogs. You can fool your readers but you can not fool Google and other search engines. Google and other search engines have spent billions of dollars to fight the wizard, so they are ahead of the game.
No time, you will get and your blog has been marked as spam. This will eliminate the love engine search. Your traffic will start going down.
In this blog, we write 100% of all content. We use our many years of experience and to consult people with large experts in the field to help educate and educate people in helping to make money.
 How to Become A Successful Blogger  Remember that Google and other search engines have tools that inform them of duplicate content. Let's copy a publication without any permission and credit from another blogger. They watch it and go to Google and in less than 24 hours, Google will check and remove your link from your search. If 5 or more reports come against you and are capable of investigating and searching, your blog might have been marked as spam.

It is very dangerous to mark it as spam by Google. Because the best way to make money blogging is through Google Adsense, which is also owned by Google. Although it can not be installed but can be marked as spam, it may affect your Google AdSense. You never know
Google and other search engines love original content. He will reward you for more traffic.
The original content also tells Google that you are not just another blog, which is actually to get you good information. It makes you authentic.

If you need to copy the paragraph from another blog to your article, make sure you give them credit. Google will see it and will not punish you.

 How to Become A Successful Blogger  As long as you are in the news and press releases are occasionally similar, you do not have any use of duplicate content.

4.Focus On SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. The only way to insert the SEO is that you try to improve your traffic from the search engine. As you may already know, the most important traffic for bloggers and businesses is from search engines. That's why they are targeting traffic.

In search engine traffic you are likely to make more money than any other traffic. And this will give your blog a more authoritative advantage than any other traffic. Ads love blogs with much organic traffic. Meanwhile, traffic from search engines is usually called organic traffic. The main SEO is on the page SEO you have to do here. This is very important.

There are plugins that will guide you and help. The two most popular SEO plugins are Yoast and All in an SEO pack.


Jehovah's popularity is more than 5 million downloads. And guess what? We use Yast in web earning online here

5. Be Consistent

The blog is not enough to open, leave five posts, disappear for a month, come back, leave a post and disappear again. Nobody will be serious about you. Not your readers and search engines. Compatibility key. Write. As much as you can There is no reason to write at least one post per week. If you can, do it more often.

 How to Become A Successful Blogger  Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. You saw a good blog today, click you, read posts, you like it. After that you come back tomorrow, nothing new, come after one day, nothing new, 5 days later, not new, one week later, not new. Are you going back seriously? So try and stay constant. Google and other search engines are also satisfied. This means that you are a reliable source.

You do not even know that any of your positions will be posted on your break too. The one that goes viral and gives you attention to the world.

5.Monetize Your Blog

One of the final reasons for becoming a Blogger is to earn money from your blog. Learning to depend on your blog to learn money from your blog is to learn.

All blogs can not monetize in the same way. You have already been wrong about this blog. help center will look into the matter as soon as possible. I have come to know about the picture. Please try again. 

As a blogger, you have to use the best way to make money from your blog.

These are the most popular ways to make money from your blog.

Google Adsense 

Google AdSense is a popular way to make money and make money from your blog. As a reality, we use Google Adsense at web earning online here. Once you want to traffic and have written enough content on your blog. Google AdSense is the time to apply. All you have to do is visit and request the Google AdSense website.

It's easy and straightforward. Once you are approved, you enter the code in your blog and start earning money. Google will show ads on your blog, advertisers will get money and distribute with you. Without struggles or any problems.

 How to Become A Successful Blogger  Google AdSense works well on every type of blog unless its terms and conditions are infringed. Experience you and try different types of ad units and space so that you work well for your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing You can earn so much money from your blog but depends on its location. If you are in a place that rotates around products and services such as insurance, property, finance, fashion, blogging, gadget, gaming, and so on, you can do more with affiliate marketing compared to Google AdSense.

You must do this as an affiliate network: Commissions Jane, Linkshare, Amazon Affiliate, ShareASale, EB partner New York, ClickBank. Then find the product or services related to your place and submit good commissions and promote your blog.
As you read your readers or sign-ups, you make money.

For a place like news and gossip, affiliate marketing is not so good.

Sell Your Products

You can also sell your products on your blog and earn more money in another way. The good thing about selling your product is that you do not share your profits with anyone.

Depending on your location, you can sell your books, e-books, fashion, gadgets, and anything that matters to you. The good thing is that if you do not have to sell your product, you can make your online shop with Shopify.

Then copy inventory to your online store from different manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Promote them on your blog. When people buy, the products will be sent to the buyers to the buyers and you will get the payment.

With a 14-day free trial test, you can find a step by step guide to making online shops: How to make an online shop very easily with Shopify

Sponsored Post

 How to Become A Successful Blogger  You accept money from your blog by accepting the sponsored post. People and companies will pay you to keep a post on your blog. The publication will usually rhyme with the content of your blog. If you want to accept the sponsored post, you should provide information on your blog that you accept the posted post and leave an email that can contact you.

You also earn money directly from your blog on your blog. Advertisers will contact you, you will reach a contract and pay. It is advised that the 'Advertising with us' section, where you enter your contact details and media kit.

These are basic, there are other ways to disconnect your blog. Depending on your place of investigation You must be creative as a blogger, find out about the experience and the right income. You can use multiple revenue channels.

7.Optimize Your Blog

You should make your blog a better search engine and better for your customers. It's important As a blogger, you should always make sure your blog is improved at all times

Love blogs with Google and other search engines:


Low Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate should not exceed 69%. When you visit your site, there is a bounce rate, read and drop a page. Use them to keep them busy as a related post plugin 

Mobile Friendly

Make your blog mobile-friendly. Google loves it. To do so, make sure your blog is responsive. By this I mean it can be connected to any screen, it's a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Get Visitor Coming Back

Engage with your visitors and let them come back to your blog. This will tell the search engines that your site loves.

Submit Your Blog To Search Engine

Submitting your blog to search engines will help you understand your blog more. And this will also help you understand how your blog is performing and you need to make adjustments.

You can click here to submit your blog to Google. All you have to do is sign up and submit your sign-up. Verify that you own the site. Then map and submit sites with the map plugins or map sites of another site. Click here to submit your blog to Bing and Yahoo. After submitting, sign up for an account so you can understand where you can improve.

Link Building

 How to Become A Successful Blogger  The link building is about you with other blogs. It is very important for SEO because it tells the search engines that you are important whenever your large site is associated with you. But sometimes do not try to establish links with black hart. They naturally come. Only white heart method. 

Try linking to your blog and resource pages page in your own article, can notify them and return. Find other white necklace ways to get natural links.

8.Build Social Media Follower

A follower must be built.  After that you've posted or posted new posts, you can email them. Many of them can not know anything new. Also, whenever you have a product, use it. The e-mail list for a blogger's success is very powerful.
You can also become a social media follower. But first, focus on a social network. It's very annoying to try at the same time. You can concentrate on a growing focus too much. Facebook and Twitter performed better than the rest of the references.



You have to understand that blogging is a business. It's not just a hobby. It's like a business. As you earn money, try a part of it in your SEO, and try making ads, improving designs, increasing content, and increasing your reach. A successful blogger is a blogger that is like a business.


 How to Become A Successful Blogger  You never have to learn to become a successful blogger, you have to read and study. New information often comes, or can not end. Search engines often change their algorithms, keep updated.

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