Make Money Online With ClickWorker Full Guide

Make Money Online With ClickWorker Full Guide

Make Money Online With ClickWorker ( Full Guide)

Clickworker is a platform that enables people to make money online through many micro-jobs. For many years, clockwork has been a leading platform for data entry jobs on the Internet. If you are good with English, you can find this platform to make some extra income. Apart from the internal jobs of the data, there are various occasions such as their survey, mysterious photographers, and more. You can work anywhere: Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Ghana, South Africa, the United States, Kenya, anywhere.

How much you earn On Clickworker

It's very possible to take 10 hours or more hours from Clickworker. In your early days, you can make 20 hours or more hours from the platform. But it went a little bit light but slowly it is picking up again and people get good money on the platform. Depending on how much work you work, how much work you do, and how fast you are with typing and other necessary skills.

Sometimes, the work will be too high and you have many choices. The good thing is that they will often tell you how you will advance before some special work. So you can decide to do it or pass it.You also decide when you want to work.

How to make money on clockwork

1. Sign up

The first step to earning money with Clickworker is to sign up. Click here to sign up with Clickworker. While signing up, make sure you provide accurate and real information. Just follow the screen information to sign up.  When you sign in, fill in the maximum as much as you can.

To get the money, you may need a migrated account. Transmission money is one of the best ways to get or send. Click here to open the transfer account. Then go back and enter your details.

2. Complete the assessment

This is very important. Once you have signed and verified your email address, you should complete the diagnosis. There are different types of diagnostics for your English language ability and more to test. Do not worry, they are basic and easy. More diagnostics make you complete, and you are more stable for the job.

3 Writing Job

On the website, it's called text creation. If you are good to write, you should be able to make some money with him. Themes and templates are selected for you, your job is to make just write!

4. Data rating tasks

This will usually include you searching for something on a specific keyword. Then you determine if you are looking forward to matching search results. Decide which search result is more accurate and if there is more and more content on the page.

5. Copy and paste jobs

This is just included in your comment editing. The text is usually short. It can be about something: products, cities, and so on.

6. Proofreading Jobs

It includes you reading short articles and correcting the mistakes you search for. There is no predefined theme to take you, depending on which is available.

7. Web research work

This includes you to find and update the data on the Internet. It can find companies' addresses or some easier and similar searches.

8. Survey jobs

All of these share your opinion and are paying for you. On clockwork, you will get an opportunity to make a survey and make money. You should be an active user of the survey. If you love to take a survey, check out the article: Best online payment for online surveys to make extra money

9. Employment of video and photography

It involves making videos of some things around you. You will also have the opportunity to take pictures of products in some places.

10. Apply app

It is about test apps that work well to work normally. You also earn money from your money.

11. Welcome a worker

You can refer your friends to Clickworker and your friend up to 10 euros when you pay 5 euros. This is a clockwork referral program or you can call it an affiliate program. There is another way to make more money.


Once you log in, you will see the jobs available for you. If you wander away at any time, you can always click on the jobs at the top left of the page to view all available jobs.

How do you get PAID?

You get paid via PayPal or Transferwise. For people in countries who can not get PayPal via money, you should open a Transferwise account. They are one of the best platforms to send and receive money anywhere in the world. Click here to open a Transferwise Account. Then after opening an account, you can go back and fill in your Trasnferwise information to get paid.


There are times when you can find Jobs at Clickworker. The truth is that Clickworker is a platform that helps companies give these jobs to you. So there are times that they may not have enough companies.

But to ensure that you are always getting jobs, the tip is as soon as possible you can. Then do as many jobs as you can. It is important. When you complete many jobs, you will be noticed and more jobs will be pushed to you. It works.


Clickworker is a good platform to work and make money in your spare time. It will not likely make you rich which is why we advise you to see it as your extra income opportunity. Whenever you have extra time, you can use it to get some money grab. Click here to sign up.

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