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Best website to earn money online in Pakistan

12 Best website to make money Online in 2019 (full Guide)

Earn Money Online

The Internet provides us with many opportunities to make money online. But at the same time, it is full of lots of Scams and frauds. There is a great idea of making money on the internet. But to successfully earn decent earnings, you must first find the original way to make money on the Internet. In this article, I can use you to make money online and introduce myself to better and more reliable sites.

The Internet is a beautiful market for earning money and is paid for their services. We've set the 12 best places to make money online for you, whether you want your business to start - or just make a little extra.

Make money Online12 Best Websites 


Fiverr is a long-established freelancer site where everything is at $ 5 at least. This is a simple and easy website to use, where you can post the services you can provide: And if they need them, they will pay you to work.

It takes the traditional freelance routine to work and changes its head. It ensures that you get paid before you can complete any work so that you can never get yourself.

For different tasks to work differently from your $ 5 work on different levels, such as early delivery date, extra work, or 'bolt for your services


Elance is the Internet's largest market for legal freelance work. And, this is the personal favorite of all the websites in this list.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to find any type of space. Writing and Translation, from web design and programming.

Basically, people want to do the website after they work, and you offer a suggestion for it. It is easy.

However, how much money you want to do, the possibilities are endless: Individually subscribers are $ 1,000 to $ 100,000 a year.


ODesk Somewhat sister has taken the company to eLance, which works independently in areas of areas. From two sites, it's below your personal preferences: ODesk's design and payment tracker app are separated from the competition.

It's a great website to start an initiative because the average cost of jobs is low, and it's very easy to set yourself up and come freely.


Craigslist is not a site that you will think is synchronized with free work - but it really is a center of employment and is working to apply.
It's an easy and easy way to make some money in a portfolio-building process. General clients vary among local businesses, college students, and someone searching for work as soon as possible.

Although you are careful about air, sometimes you can pursue your own money for your work. is a very popular comedy site. This site looks at every million pages. They publish strange articles, videos, pictures, etc. will pay you happily if you write for them! If you think you can write a great comedy article, you must definitely try this site. The best way to earn money using is by submitting funny articles.

You also participate in your weekly Photoshop competition and earn money! You can also submit ridiculous videos. Click here to write for

To get from this site, your content must be top quality. only publishes the best content. You will only be paid when your content is approved and published by site editors.

ABOUT.COM is a very popular site that offers useful content for its users. Content is related to different types of types such as computers, technology, blogging, study, etc.

These useful materials are offered by freelance writers for They are known as 'leaders'. leaders are experts in their respective fields.

The good news is that plays its leaders for its content. You can be a leader on But you must have a specialist field expert. You will have to pass through the selection process to start writing for this site.


The knowledge nuts is a site that publishes useful and interesting facts. This is a new site started by the founder of the listserves

Like Liverdrop, the Aldenergadgets also have a 'good writing and paying pay' plan. For each approved article, the site pays you $ 10. Paypal will be paid through. Go to the site and submit the article before you go through the rules and regulations. is a famous PTC site. You earn money from this site in two ways - clicking on the site on the site and viewing and referring to the people on the site.

Users can get users on this site for up to $ 0.02 to click and view ads. Users must see the ad for a specific time (30 seconds).

Premium users of this site can also be earned by referring references. The referrer gets a $ 0.50 commission when a nominated member has $ 1 to see the advertisement.


Clixsense is a reliable site when the payment comes on. Payment options include PayPal, pizza, and bank checks.

The above-mentioned sites are good sources for making money. But to get decent earnings, you must try hard. I recommend reading the readers to these sites and carefully obeying their rules, and regulations. Stay away from the horse, there are many there! Only involved in legal activities. If you want to add more reliable sites to this list, mention them in the comments.


Think of how YouTube can help you make money? This is a wonderful temporary sharing program on YouTube that you are unaware of! If you make good videos, then after following the instructions set by YouTube, you can also be selected as a 'Partner' on the site. YouTube allows its partners to get a share of revenue collected from the ads shown with the video when it is played! Look at some popular Indian YouTube channels such as TVF (Wireless Fever) and AIB (All India Bookkeep). Such popular channels also get direct sponsors and advertisers. The advertisement is usually done in the form of a video that describes the inside of the video. But I tell you something like, to reach the highest level of popularity, you should have creative welfare and workmanship, such as people in AIB and TVF.


This is a PPD (pay-per-download) site. Tell me how it works. First of all, you need to register on the site. One file should be uploaded after this file. You will be provided with a link to the uploaded file. Now, every time a file visits to download this file, they will be asked to put their hands on the file. Each complete survey is downloaded and paid for it. This way, mainly for every successful download of this file, you paid! You can connect to social media or on file (such as what I do) on blogs. So, you can try this mode of earning money without blogs too!

CPA Grip

Like the previous website, it's also a PPD site. The way to work is exactly the same. Although there are some options, such as Content Locker, URL and File Locker, Video Locker, Virtual Currency, and Offer Wall.


Udemy is a very popular site that focuses on online courses. The good news is that the unmanagement allows people to register for a course and use their platform to reach students. They allow course instructors courses to make courses and pay them!
Course, of course, can be designed which provided great tools using Udemy. After this, the content of this course can be placed on their platforms to use students and thus helps the instructors make money in this process! In the case of teachers, the advantages are two - they will reach the students and help them gain knowledge and skill and they will also be able to depend on their course content! In simple terms, it's like paying for online teaching.

Flipkart, Amazon

Most e-commerce sites also have an interest-related program, which can be used by common users like you and I. Basically it is about promoting the products available on the site and registering sales using affiliate links (which can be found after registering on this specific site).

The first step is to register as an affiliate on the site. After that, you can access the attachment dashboard, find good products to promote, get affiliate links, and promote platforms such as social media sites, voicemail, forums, blogs, etc. ), You will be paid a commission (depending on what is being sold on this site and product).

Make Money Online

Look, making online money is not something that is very difficult. But this is not a very easy task! As this article shows, there are many ways to get started. Each method requires a different set of skills to succeed. To make money online, there are different ways to accept payment/pay. PayPal is a commonly used mode. Make sure you have the means and methods to accept the payment! Choose a procedure that makes you fit and start working hard. Over time, the result will begin to show!

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